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Taylor Center @ Tulane

founding identity and collateral for various media + website
Project Details

Client: Taylor @ Tulane University

Date: Spring 2015


Taylor dissolves boundaries and catalyzes members of the Tulane Community to create ethical, sustainable, and scalable solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges. The center’s interdisciplinary initiatives are grounded in the teaching, research, and practice of social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and design thinking. Our charge was to create a graphic identity that would highlight the nature of the Taylor Center’s work—which is the (often) variable and spontaneous connections and collaborations it makes among New Orleans’ diverse cast of characters—all while communicating the openness, warmth, and humility of the organization’s approach.
10/HALF assisted with the early stages of conception, facilitating design thinking workshops that would help students, faculty, and other stakeholders solidify the center’s vision and values. These discussions were to serve as the foundation for all branding and design work that would follow. After establishing the website design, graphic identity, and supporting collateral, 10/HALF created a robust content strategy and marketing plan for each of Taylor’s unique audiences. This plan is a natural extension of our work with Taylor, establishing a living, breathing brand language that will advise all of the center’s future communications.

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