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Tulane School of Architecture

fully responsive Drupal website and interactive timeline
Project Details

Client: Tulane School of Architecture

Date: Fall 2012


The Tulane School of Architecture approached us to spearhead the full conceptual design and graphic design for a responsive website (with editable backend for updating). We worked closely with faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders to build a sitemap that would encompass and organize all of the school’s communications needs. We began building the site while our discovery process developed, implementing the Tulane School of Architecture (TSA) logo we had created, and then, extending it into the graphic elements of the site. After directing photo and content selection and content integration, we launched the completed site in Fall 2012.
In 2012, TSA had already been making major overhauls to enhance and redirect the student experience, forming a strong community and innovative coursework to create a world-class education. And all this white engaging students, alumni, faculty, and staff, in a growing, conversation about service-learning through increased design-build. Each visit needed to inspire visitors, showcase work, and reinvigorate core principles the school’s commitment to service learning. With their website, donors The completed design is an energetic showcase for the architecture, students, and faculty, and city of New Orleans, with a warmth and quirk that communicates the school’s social engagement.

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